West Side Auto Parts

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4740 Sharptown Road, Laurel DE 19956
Open Monday - Friday 7am to 5pm EST | Saturday 8am to 12pm EST
  • Toll-Free: 800-323-3254
  • Local: 302-875-3252
  • Salisbury: 302-846-2207
  • Fax: 302-875-9161
  • Email: parts@wsap.com


West Side Auto Parts is insurance company-approved! Buy recycled parts and save money on your automotive repairs.

  • Sales
    • Retail sales to direct consumers
    • Wholesale sales to auto recyclers, body shops, and garages
    • Our nationwide parts network ensures accurate real-time inventory of any available part from across the country
  • Warranty
    • Standard 101-day warranty on all parts
    • Optional 6-month, 12-month, or lifetime extended warranties available

The Recycling Process

  • Arrival
    • Vehicle is inspected and all resellable parts are entered into our computerized inventory control system
    • Once inventoried, the vehicle is scheduled for dismantling.
  • Fluids Removal
    • Fuel is removed and reused
    • Anti-freeze (refrigerant) and washer fluids are extracted and recycled
    • Oils are drained and recycled, or reused for energy recovery in special furnaces
  • Tire & Battery Removal
    • Tires and batteries are removed, inspected, and tested
    • Resellable units are resold; the remainder are recycled for lead, acid, plastic, and road resurfacing
  • Removal of Other Parts
    • All parts tested prior to dismantling
    • Reusable parts are removed & racked by category, including:
      • "Clips" - entire front and rear sections
      • Truck boxes
      • Hoods & trunk lids
      • Car doors & hatches
      • Seats & benches
      • Fenders & quarter panels
      • Bumpers & grilles
      • Drive shafts & suspensions
      • Engines & transmissions

After all usable parts have been removed to be sold, the vehicle is crushed and/or shredded to recover scrap metals, thus completing the recycling process.